Lapdance moments

I should tell you about the rest of the handholder night before I forget but this weekend was super crazy. I suddenly have so much more I want to tell you.

I try to focus mostly on the guy during a dance, cause sometimes I get distracted by the weird things he or whoever is doing.

Saturday night I looked over and the guy next to me was staring slack jawed at his dancer, mouth open and everything. I kept watching waiting for it to close and it never did. Finally I sneaked a peak at the girl to see if she’d noticed: she had and was clearly trying hard not to laugh. When I made I contact she choked a little bit and turned her back on him; his eyes got even wider.

Last week I looked up to see my friend doing a head stand in front of a similarly slack jawed man. Our eyes met, my thighs were aching and my guy was mumbling something that I had stopped paying attention to and my friend was upside down, tits in her face. What are you gonna do. It was amazing.


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