C’mon guys

Ok so I get to the dance room for the first dance of the night and we sit down. I noticed he had a weird horseshoe shaped dark spot over his crotch. I poked it disbelievingly, and sure enough, it was wet. “Um, what happened here?”
“Oh, there was an accident,” he said nonchalantly.
“What KIND of accident?”
“I didn’t make it to the toilet in time.”
“This is going to be an air dance,” I informed him after I got done laughing hysterically. I realize retrospectively the laughing was maybe a bad move but I couldn’t help it.
He glared at me. “You know what, never mind.”
“Oh, um, oh no. Are you sure?” I tried to recover with some belated sympathy. “I can still pinch your nipples!” (He wanted nipple play.)
“I’m sure.”
“Ok well… Drink some water!”
“Whyn’t you mind your own fucking business!”
He paid on his card up front cuz he was broke so I got paid anyway.


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