Portrait of the Stripper On Her Night Off: this is me crunk

The thing about going out[1] is that once money isn’t in the equation I stop feeling the need to be entertaining and flirtatious. I stare blankly at people and only smile or laugh when I’m actually moved to do so.[2]

I hope that someone wants to pick a fight with me about extras in the club because I drank two shots of espresso two hours ago (to try and force myself to be charming) and I’m not going to sleep any time soon.

I do love walking home with the sun rising and the birds making an ungodly racket and all the shedding white and pink petals cushioning my footsteps like I’m in Warm Narnia tho. That part of being awake at 5 am is nice.


1- to anything but maybe especially industry (comedy) after-hours where there is less dancing and more mingling and shmoozing over bad alcohol.

2- a real liability to my more outgoing friends tbh. I need to fix this.

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