Saturday night

I was going to go to work because

A- I am scheduled

B- trying to pay off 2k on my loans this month

C- it costs 30$ to cancel after 7pm: 20 to the house 10 to the bouncers so they don’t lose out on your tipout.[1]

D- I want to leave early and go see a few of my friends perform before they leave town. And leaving early is 20$ which is cheaper than canceling.

E- I’m trying to be responsible.

So I did my makeup and then… Lay down topless in full makeup on my living room floor and stared at the ceiling and started typing this up on my phone and now it’s officially cheaper to flake if I’m gonna leave early because the late fee is ALSO 20$ so being late + leaving early is 40$.

Or I could stay the whole night and only pay the late fee but that sounds tiresome.

I just actually need a solid day of solitude between doing social/work things. Otherwise I end up on my floor cataloging all the reasons I need to stay in bed. They’re numerous.

So I may not actually do anything at all.

The Life and Times of Red Hott: “she was a wild one,” they’ll say.

1- just so we all know who’s dependent on whom here (hint it’s not the dancers, we are not dependent on the bouncers, I think we know how I feel about the bouncers) so !!!!!!!!!:!:&3gsdjxmsmzkKksnanska


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