comic & crap


late afternoon: comics bought (batwoman and black widow [also redheads hy]) mint milkshake & manny.

excited to have a Friday night off, & to have talked to the girl at the comic store abt sw comics/graphic novels (i don’t know how exciting she found my enthusiastic and spastic rambling tbh, oh well) (she didn’t know of any I hadn’t heard of [but I loaned her Rent Girl because lbr I’ll spread the gospel of Michelle Tea even if I’m not a total true believer any more and that book is a particular fave despite shitty editing, see above pic] which is depressing because that’s like two) and offered up Erika Moen’s Oh Joy Sex Toy. couldn’t help commenting on Moen’s bizarre rendering of Sandria Dore in her latest.

I mean yeah Moen’s probably pandering to Bitch’s larger national audience who don’t know wtf Sandria is and thinks that by adding fifty pounds and kinky hair she’s like… I don’t know, rendering Sandria visible as a black burlesque performer? In a way she wouldn’t be if she had drawn her as she actually is, curvy and slender with Veronica Lake waves? Or maybe she decided that there wasn’t enough size positivity in her comic and made Sandria the catch all?
Or maybe she should rethink her ideas about representation?
Or maybe she’s not obligated to be accurate although she drew all the white performers as is (relatively, in comic format).

I enjoyed the comic but that one choice raised some eyebrows.

Tmi for comic store girl who looked mildly bored at me.


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