To bathe or not to bathe, that is the question? Whether tis nobler to risk being hit on again by the sad 19 yr old who is camping with his family, or sadder to remain indoors when I want to go swim in the hot spring fuck you tactless teenager.

I STRONGLY and MEANINGFULLY avoided eye contact with him the entire time I was in the spring early yet he found me when I was walking manny and said,
“I’m probably going to embarrass myself, but can I get your number?”
That first part made me feel sorry for him, so I kept walking but replied too kindly, “I live in Portland.”
“So I can’t have it?”
Ok child, what are you going to do, long distance call/sext the lady next door your family on their camping trip? I think not.
“I’m probably way older than you,” I extemporized, wanting to let him down gently still but also TRULY wanting out of the situation and thinking that someone should teach him how to talk to strange women (hint, don’t lead by creepily asking for a number cause that’s just… Come On.) but that someone NEED NOT BE ME ON MY NIGHTS OFF.
“You don’t know that!” He called after me.
Ah, yes I do. You were just talking about prom and graduation in the pond next to me, between throwing me meaningful stares.
I kept walking.

And wait til I tell you about being pulled over and mistaken for a drug trafficker because i’m alone and wouldn’t tell the officer what my major was. Later. After I night swim under the stars with my bear spray close at hand.


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