This is what I’m doing with my two unwanted weekend nights off in a row[1]: road tripping to a hot spring with my dying dog (Mavis is staying with a friend so we can have some qt). I roadtrip in style: two large jars of horchata latte, sparkling juice, two veggie burritos, two boxes of cookies, and a bagel.

We’ll be back tomorrow night; there’s a dress I want[2] on top of ever growing vet bills, so I shouldn’t really take it easy, even if I’m not scheduled at my club. I’m going to try a new club, a juice bar. Dances aren’t as much there and I don’t think they do VIP chunks of time but they let you set your own schedule and come and go as you please within a given time frame, more Vegas style, and it could be good.
1- another unwelcome reminder to not get too comfortable no matter how high my sales and the cut I pay to the club; I’m on the schedule only when, and for as long as, the owner wants me to be. Cool.

2- Kate Spade, and it’s exciting and dizzying to think I make enough to afford it, although schedule fluctuations are a reminder not to get used to it.


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