Ballin on a budget

cheap bachelor parties confuse[1] me so much, even more so than the average guy who comes to the club to not spend money, suck up our energy, and waste our time.

bachelor parties are like DEFINITIONALLY about spending money on strippers. Getting lap dances, stage dances, tipping; prominently displaying their masculinity and heterosexuality by conspicuous participation in any or all of the above.

when they come in and do the so irritating young cool dude thing of clutching at their pbrs and refusing to spend ANY money, not even on shots…

I just want to roofie them and make them watch the hangover. if you MUST participate in a boring overrated and outdated male bonding ritual at least do it in style.

I mean but lbr, really, more importantly, pay me or gtfo the club if you ain’t gon tip.

1- and by confuse I mean fill me with feelings that range from baffled irritation to homicidal.


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