If you’re not paying me, don’t talk to me


What if men had to hear this shit every time they left the house:
“I love how the sun shines on your bald head”
“look at your legs in those khaki shorts I just want to fuck that asshole”
“just a reminder, I could hurt you and I’m gonna let you know but I’m gonna couch it as a compliment and if you ignore it I’m gonna get mad and start screaming LOL isn’t this fun?!”

It’s actually so foreign and apparently non-threatening that it seems laughable but jfc I daydream about a reality in which men are afraid to/put off leaving the house because the threat of threatened/actual violence as they move through the world on their daily life is real;
And then we flip back to reality but they’ve been force fed empathy and it took and rape culture is dead!!!!



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