Ted tights and drainage tubes


Revision surgery went really well, I was even functional enough to walk myself to the car and give my friend directions back home!
The support patch he added needs drainage tho, which original surgery and the first revision surgery didn’t, and it’s so awkward! If I move wrong it feels like getting stabbed in my armpit 😦 it’s only for one day though, so that’s not so bad.
And I’m so much more alert than previous times!
& I have Lebanese leftovers, (including a ton of baba ghanouj and rice pudding! Yum!), Manny, Mavis, and s4 of arrested development. This will be over soon!

My friend who took me says as soon as it kicked in I started giggling and talking about how weird surgery and anaesthesia both are. Which is true! Anaesthesia is so weird. It’s weird to wake up missing two hours of your life with your body suddenly different.


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