it’s hard to write abt work

bc I constantly feel like I have to preface everything with an explanation of why I am doing it and how I am still an intelligent adult capable of making solid choices and this is actually the best decision financially and for my mental health and also for school (could not have afforded college w/o it tbh, high school drop out that I am)(not that one needs college as an excuse, it’s now trite, i’m just saying)

but also that I don’t believe it’s inherently empowering except in the way that being able to pay rent and bills is empowering

and those two right there lose me like 3/4 of audience

only semi-related I used to love my job until the horribleness of my boss, the employees he hand picked from the customer base to maintain the horrible atmosphere, the girls who don’t know any better, and the fucking clueless assholes who flock to the place started making me hate it.  bc now I feel complicit

what do you do when the best club in town is a hell hole and unemployment has been thru the roof for over a decade?

I need a backout plan & exit strategy before 29.  not to quit b4 then, but I need a plan.  I love plans.


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