dancing during hunting season

The manager is after me for a solid answer—she goes to South Dakota to work every fall and brings a bunch of girls and the money is supposed to be amazing so I expressed interest—
BUT I mean it also sounds foul as hell, the money is amazing bc it’s rich guys hunting all day then coming into blow their wallets, still covered in blood and pheromones (idk I guess it’s a hunter thing, all the girls said they reek) and then you dance for them.
For twelve hour shifts are you fing kidding me?
And all the girls stay in one house together. sounds like my worst nightmare. One girl said, and I believe her, she made 36k in two months and that sounds appealing but there are some things money can’t buy and that is sanity in hell.

p sure that all sounds like hell on earth to me. SD is beautiful but come on.


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