I would buy concern around trafficking if people ever managed to include agricultural and domestic trafficked workers into their overwrought condemnations.  It’s not like these women aren’t also vulnerable to/victims of abuse.  Leaving them out of the discourse to focus on banning all sex work in response to sex trafficking (& god, citing Melissa Farley basically invalidates most positions, her research is suspect) is disingenuous and weird.  like it’s so flawed and limited but they’re so wedded to their notions that they can’t see it.

And in having to defend against this blanket condemnation so many sw activists fall into the sexxii empowermint camp again. We could be having productive conversations but we’re stuck repeating this one.

and can I just say most of sex workers are completely grossed out and against the concept that we’re selling our sexuality?  There’s a difference between personal sexuality and a commodified sexual (or sexualized) service, learn it.

Waitresses aren’t selling their souls when they smile at you for a tip, nannies don’t have to dig into their inner souls and integrity to be kind to your child (I know, I’ve been both!) and sexuality isn’t something you chip off and give away.  It’s something you perform in different ways at different times, it’s fluid, changeable, and it’s not something one can buy.

I mean that said I have my own personal critique of the sex industry that this didn’t even get started on.

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