ok, I did do it.

Ok I did do it. It was my second best night ever I think. Normally not going onstage at least four times a night kills bc the cut that they take of every dance & VIP cuts into your total, then you know if you make over a certain amount you have to tip the bouncers more than their allotted five dollars each
(Which offends me so greatly bc they are all such utter jackasses. There’s the one I paid to leave me alone, who got tired of leaving me alone and, to pick only one [the last] incident, threw something at my head as I was counting my money at the end of the night and pulled my hoodie off to get a better look at my side boob. I am so glad we pay you, i snarled.
& I should tip him [ANY of them, useless tools] extra why? PLUS the dj gets ten percent of what I make and then gives THEM ten percent of what I give him so like you do the math on that. 30 women tipping each bouncer at least 5$ each, then tipping the dj at least 30 probably but usually 50-80 (i gleefully stiffed him 24$ and only gave him 100, and at least two girls did even better than I did)(omg I’m digressing so hard and I’ve lost track of the punctuation so ready for bed) but you get the point which is that all these people are making an hourly wage AND skimming off us and then they want more if you make over a certain amount?

And we don’t even make minimum wage, and we PAY to be there, we’re the reason people even walk into a strip club but heaven forfend any owner ever actually not use dancers to defray the burden of paying a living wage. And if you’re smart like this guy you make it a pyramid scheme so every staff member is invested in keeping it exactly as is.

But yeah I started this to say I had a great night so, you know , the shameless exploitation does pay off. That’s why I’m there, after all. Because I like free time, nice things, and keeping manny in health insurance.


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