tonight was really what I needed to happen, which was a relief.  I don’t feel better, but some of the financial stress is off, I can pay for Manny’s cardiologist and I think I’ll still be able to make my loan/bill/insurance payments and pay Sept rent before I leave for EC so even if Pumps doesn’t work out that will all be taken care of.

I realized at some point during the night that I hadn’t seen the demon animated corpse man for the first time all week, which was a relief; I think someone ratted me out that I was calling him that bc he’s taken to ostentatiously leaving my stage and returning just as my sets finish.  which is fine, he wasn’t a good tipper, but mildly awkward hilarious.  I’m illustrating something else rn but I kind of want to draw him but at the same time could I ever do justice to the terrible clammy quality of his skin?  I could definitely get his pointed fungus troll claws. it would have to be through other people’s reactions, like Andy who didn’t believe that he could possibly be as terrible as I made out (I have a reputation for being a prissy, pissy princess.  it’s pretty much deserved)

so I waited for them to finish their dances and she left the back room shaking herself like a dog, looking beyond grossed out, twitching her shoulders like she could retroactively twitch his nasty demon presence off her.

“I TOLD YOU HE WAS THAT BAD” I yelled (ok maybe it’s my fault he avoided me, he prolly heard me.)

“I need to go wipe myself off,” was all she said.

to be cont’d

also more BCMG story to come.


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