My regular just used the word “henpecked.”

Ok so not really related, but men being annoying and not getting it:

I got a tattoo yesterday (of manny’s paw, on my pnin tattoo bc manny is pnin and also the dog in pnin, he’s multifaceted) and I went to a different place that I don’t like as much but it’s a few blocks away and I was being lazy like I am

And it was fine at first, then they were like oh yeah, [your club], we should go there. Bring ten bucks blah blah, enough for a beer and some tips.

And I thought they were kidding so I was like “haha if you’re only bringing ten dollars you should stay home,” and they got so offended and were like we have kids to feed. Oh right bc we don’t, or yk need to feed ourselves or have bills or any of t.

Then one of them was like I had my bachelor party there and they hit me with a belt (we do that, job perk) and I wanted to fucking hit the girls like why can’t I hit them, you guys hit me?!

I just deeply regretted going there. Deeply. Going to try to pretend one of my normal ppl did this one.


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