everything is terrible

The club just upped the percentage of money they take from us, ostensibly to save is from having to bother our pretty little heads about figuring out the percent to tip the dj but blah blah blah I hate this and I also can’t tell how much I’ve made any more because the bouncer won’t GIVE IT TO ME, and I want to go home because some Scottish guy was rude to me and I got a message about manny’s ashes and I just. Want. To go home.
I got here a whole hour late yet time is still just CRAWLING.

Also I got myself hired as a waitress not because of my ex psych guy who can suck [anything painful and vaguely poisonous] but just to have a break like filing and pulling charts at PP was the easiest my brain has had it all week and I want more mindless crap to keep me busy.

And also to start having something on my résumé since it’s been about two years since I’ve made money on the books except for randomly doing the door &c.


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