Toronto man charged with first-degree murder of 72-year-old sex worker Janina Wrigglesworth

Toronto man charged with first-degree murder of 72-year-old sex worker Janina Wrigglesworth

Sort of annoying bc it’s mostly shock abt her age & explanation of what an older woman might be doing in the industry (surprise!  she needed money! colour me shocked) but anyway:

A Toronto man has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of a 72-year-old sex worker.

Blake Anthony Wilson, 26, briefly appeared at a Finch Avenue courtroom on Wednesday morning before being taken back into custody.

Firefighters first responded to a call at 5754 Yonge St., near Finch, around 1 p.m. on July 13. Once the fire was put out, Janina Wrigglesworth was found dead inside her apartment. A post-mortem revealed signs of trauma to Ms. Wrigglesworth’s body.

“One of the reasons they kind of do well is because there are not a lot of them,” said Ms. Grant. “They do kind of corner the market a bit on that older demographic. If you’re a guy who’s in his 70s, you may not be even comfortable seeing people in their 50s because that’s the age of your own kids.”

Another reason some sex workers continue well into retirement age is because they can hang on to a trusted client base built over many years, she said. The clientele would be “aging with you” and could be seeking a sex worker with whom, based on age, they have more in common.

But when sex workers of any age run their business independently and give out their phone numbers or addresses, as Ms. Wrigglesworth did, without the “safety net” of agencies, the risk factor rises, Ms. Grant said.

Det. Sgt. Browne said police believe Ms. Wrigglesworth, who was charged with sex trade-related offences in 1997 and 2000, “lived by very limited means” because she sent most of the money she made through her sex work and community tax work to family members in Poland.


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