3 conversations


“There you are! You look ready!”
“Oh idk idk. Come back in ten minutes!”
“Ten minutes! What’s going to happen in ten minutes from now that can’t happen right now? Delayed gratification is only fun in Twilight.” Appeal to his friends.
“No no, go have fun!”
“See? They won’t miss you.”
“That’s a terrible thing to say. They’re going to miss me. I need to stay with them right now.”
“You mean you came to the strip club for make companionship rather than female? It’s time for some homoerotic bonding?”
Friends groan and laugh in protest
“No! no, it’s not homoerotic.”
“Sorry, you’re right, it’s homosocial.”
“No it’s not homoerotic!”
“I said homosocial, but you may be too drunk to appreciate the difference.”
“Aww now you’re being hateful.”
“No, now I’m being rude because I’ve given up on making money off you.”


“You’re cute!  You’re not sexy, you’re just so cute!”


[number 2’s friend]

“You’re not pretty. You’re sexy, but you aren’t pretty. But you know that.”

you’re so right.  You’re all just so right.


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