I mean my lap dance philosophy/policy is that the baseline price listed is just the starting price.  You get my attention for the amount of time listed and anything else is negotiable upwards and some things are not open to negotiation.  I’ve always worked with other women who shared this understanding even if we didn’t have the same prices or boundaries, like some people will do boob gropage for under a grand which I understand and am fine with, you know, whatever.

It helps customers keep perspective too.  These are women who would not otherwise be near them, with our own lives and interests and our time has a value, as does our energy and the things that we are willing to put up with, and it’s just so weird and offensive to me that at this club customers are actively encouraged in the understanding that it’s a free-for-all, that all things are allowed for the same price. It comes with the territory and I can and do still work around it and profit from it but I hate it.  I hate how increasingly men and women think that $40 gives them an all access pass to my body.  Are you stupidor even $2, people (especially women) who sit at the stage and think that two dollars allows them to touch me or even biteme.

it comes with the territory, I know that.  I just don’t think it needs to.


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