what’s your name REVERSED

“Hi, what’s your name?”
“I’m famous.”
already annoyed and not above fuckery “That’s a funny name! How do you spell it?”
“No, I’m famous.”
“Oh, Seamus? Like the poet?”
“No, I’m famous.”
“You can’t be that famous, I don’t recognize you.”
“I’m famous.”
“It’s a good thing your head is big enough to fit your ego!” Pat his cheek, he recoils and wipes at it. Ugh another one of those guys, I almost want to lick my hand and wipe it on him but we’re in front of a camera.
“I’m famous. What’s your name?”
Do you think he’s this good at remembering lines or is this his big one “I’m I Already Don’t Like You! Have a good night!”


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