Make them flinch pt 2

idk being like “a pretty girl” and also working in a strip club it’s really really hard to miss that most men objectify or dehumanize women to greater or lesser degrees. Not all men are rapists but most men see us as people or beings or even things that are there for them to look at and interact with—that’s why guys are always grabbing my arm to ask about my tattoo, or touching my hair bc it’s “so red!” or telling me to smile, or whatever.  They don’t do that to men.

and in the strip club where the whole illusion is that it’s a safe space to drop whatever self-policing they do bother with it’s even more obvious.  A big thing I like about stripping is that I’m paid really well for shit that I have to take on the street for free, even be nice about.  Plus I am more afraid of being hurt and assaulted by the guys yelling at me on the street than the guys yelling in the club.

But with all this it’s just like, it’s impossible to not see that an uncountable number of men think that women exist more or less for them.


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