No, REALLY, fellas leave yr girl with her friends

As I sat down to type this I just remembered the last time I got in a fight with a wife and I guess I should take notes before I forget but anyway this just happened and I need to cool off.

I walked up to a guy at the ATM and said, “you look like you’re getting ready for a really great lap dance!”
I felt a tap on my shoulder from behind, turned around.
“He has a wife and kids,” this really grim guy said.
“He walked into the strip club,” I pointed out. Like, I do actually have thoughts about the ethics of dropping money on me when you have responsibilities but also if you walk into my job, I’m going to do my job and I’m going to make you pay. My presence is a luxury service, not a basic right. We can talk about financial responsibility when I’m not at work.
“His wife is right here!” The guy said indignantly.
“Great!” I waved at her. “Special discount for couples.”
She glared at me.
“They aren’t interested,” Grimmy said.
“All right, just remember if you aren’t here to spend money you should find someplace else to be.” Perky smile, walk away.
“They don’t want YOU” grimmy shot at my retreating back.

I miss the rich solo businessmen SO BAD


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