Bills bills bills

I really do miss the rich old men though. No love for the broke young people, men and far far too many women, who come here like you go to the freak show, gawking at us from a safe distance and not throwing down a single dollar. If I wanted to be stared at for free by young white kids probably drowning in student loan debt I’d go work at… Like sassy’s. suggest to them that this may not be the place for people who don’t like tipping and it’s like you’re assaulting their god given right to free speech. It’s in the constitution SOMEWHERE that they get to look at my body for free, they’re sure.

Noooo, that’s the rest of the world. In here you pay.

I got a half hour from a creepy German guy in wire runs (why, WHY, Germans and Finnish guys are the ONLY people still wearing those things) and I OUGHT not to leave but my temper is fraying.


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