idgi, statement of purpose

I hate men and think nearly all men involved on the business end of things in the industry are fucked and exploitative as hell and things need to change; I’m interested in conversations about how the industry is actually exploitative, disempowering, and can contribute to objectification (especially strip clubs!), but I’m not interested in arresting and criminalizing women, throwing workers under the bus in the name of anti-patriarchy activism when that does nothing except put worker’s lives at risk while the patriarchy shambles on.

My time and energies will go to helping and supporting actual living workers whatever their status, whether they are the annoying people who talk about empowerment, people who like it fine or people who hate it and want out. We have so few allies—certainly not law enforcement, men at any level, and most women—and we share so many goals—wanting control of our own bodies, wanting to end sexual assault and rape—it makes me sad that some feminists can’t differentiate between actual victims and workers who need support.

I think that obscuring the difference between consensual sex for cash and actual rape does a great disservice to sex workers, actual victims of sexual assault, and sex workers who are victims of sexual assault. It also seems to imply that sex workers CANNOT be raped since we’re already being raped by definition, since we can’t consent to selling a sexual or sexualized service.

I will never understand feminists whose priority is on driving the sex industry underground in the name of saving women, making sex workers more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation rather than concentrating their efforts on punishing rape and sexual assault whenever and wherever it happens.


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