bad birthday

Random nps while I wait, so last night was really good, everyone was friendly and polite, nothing super hilarious happened with customers (dressing room another story, for later) but I saw this girl customer watching me and I was bored and over quota so I sat down next to her because she seemed so uncomfortable and I thought—you know I would LIKE IT if women customers were better, less aggressive/condescending/insulting/assaulty. If I have patience and haven’t had multiple bad interactions I try to make them feel more comfortable because god knows I would like it if it was less of a boy’s only playground and women felt comfortable being there and being good customers.

It’s more complicated than I’m making it sound but to get to the point, it was her birthday! I was so mad on her behalf, like it was her birthday and her friends took her to the strip club where she clearly did not want to be and then ditched her to hang out at the rack and probably not even tip if they’re that inconsiderate.

Long story short there was nothing I could say to make her hate being there less and it was sad and I wished her a happy birthday and she nodded stiffly at me and I left.


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