Real live unlikely nude girl


this was seven’s idea and it’s not as good as it could be bc Powell’s is missing most of the “gee how unlikely that I ended up getting naked for $$$” memoirs, but here’s a sample. I have more at home, should do the full gamut

I’m back at the sex work section to get the books I misplaced Saturday and my god I’m exhausted by the amount of things written about strippers, strip clubs, and strip club patrons by people who have never worked in the industry.
Speaking JUST for strippers right now and no other sex workers, just shut the fuck up! Like Sarah said, there are enough of us that these books should be written by us! I don’t give a damn that some woman at uconn worked as a cocktail waitress and thinks she can give “the deepest/most profound look yet” at our jobs; guess what, you can’t. Neither can susan dewey, as good as her class analysis is.

And for the strippers who spent the early aughts discrediting the rest of us with their stupid “unlikely stripper” narrative, get your arrogant middle class asses back to whatever it is you were doing before you decided to patronize us.


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