nothing’s fine

I forgot to tell you about how last night after it died I talked the dj into playing Torn and me and Sex Magic freaked out and danced and sang all the words and all the baby strippers looked confused and annoyed and then the song ended and I felt really great, it was cathartic, but I looked up and the manager was glaring at me and I had to wander off and look busy. 25% of waitressing is trying to look busy even when there is NOTHING to do just so management doesn’t decide you don’t have enough to do IN GENERAL even if not at that particular moment and then tell you to go pick up trash off the porch in the dark in the rain (this was suggested to me last night, as if I work for a living wage that would make that seem worthwhile somehow)

But in that moment, singing along with my girl sex magic, I swear I felt imbruglinite


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