pluses of Panopticon

Oh one other thing about last night!

There are security cameras throughout the club; not just a few but enough that there are multiple angles and views for every single area. It’s panopticon in there.
So there was very good footage of when a customer stuck his finger in his nose, pulled something out, and ate it.

The other thing about having such clear views is, when things like that happen, whoever is monitoring the footage (for fights usually) will stop, rewind, and watch, for as long as necessary so that everyone who WANTS to see gets a viewing. It happens to me every time I punch a customer, and lord the viewing parties that were had when one dancer stuck a lollipop in her ass, then her MOUTH.
“I can’t believe she did that! Rewind! Maybe it’s a trick of the light! Sick!!!!”

So that is what happened with booger man.


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