The thing that killed me about magic mike, and I mean killed in a goodish way, was that scene where he tries to get a loan for his business and can’t. He has all this cash! He has product (I think it was ugly but that’s neither here nor there)! But it doesn’t fucking matter because he and his income don’t fucking exist on paper

as someone who struggled/s with the same thing: of not existing/mattering, of people questioning your right to anything, to everything, from basic things like health care to more basic things like existing, of things being harder because my paper trail is only about two years old, and I worked really really hard to make it happen, it was like a punch in the stomach, seeing my helpless frustration onscreen.

It occurs to me because I’ve been denied for two apartments before they even ran a credit check. The only thing against me at that stage is my income/source of. Okay then.


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