ok this is what I get from antisw feminists when you strip their hectoring of all the accusations of promoting csa:

I don’t agree with some people using aspects of their sexuality to make money so, even tho it’s already illegal most places, I’m going to spend a lot of time and energy agitating to make it more unsafe because


They place more faith in male law enforcement than in sex workers particularly woc sws.
And then they never even acknowledge the inevitable abuse on the part of the very (male) institutions they’re suddenly putting so much trust in.

My other thought, which I believe is actually a big tho necessarily unacknowledged factor, is that it makes middle class white women deeply uncomfortable to see working class women, women of color, transwomen and other historically sexualized and “trashy/slutty” groups of women leverage something that has historically been used to oppress them to gain a measure of financial security.

When feminists are all “you shouldn’t strip/sex work is oppressive/why don’t you get a real job” what I hear is “you don’t deserve this ladder you forged to pay for college, to get to financial security. How dare you use your dirty sexuality to try to get something better.”

I should of course have been content with my lot. We all should be. How dare we aspire to the things they were born to: college and health insurance and nice things. Newer cars. Dental care.

Yet they literally have nothing else to offer in its place.
And we’re expected to be grateful for this rescue or we can be written off as having Stockholm syndrome, colluding in our own oppression?


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