I just lost it onstage. The dj didn’t even know Beyoncé had a new album, let alone have any of the songs off it, which led to a discussion of why Beyoncé is not appropriate strip club music, unlike pantera. So regan and I took a poll and in fact every customer picked pantera. And (I blame menstruation because in this fucking environment I get to) I started yelling that they were all hayseeds and I needed to move back to the east coast.

That, of course, got me some country ballad for me next song.

Then I got offstage and asked a dad type for a dance.
“I’m just here to hang out,” he said.
“You could be hanging out at a regular bar where there aren’t girls in underwear working for free.”
“I could.”
“But you won’t.” I patted his cheek. He cringed.

The next guy said “no thanks, I’m just an innocent bystander.”
“There are no innocent bystanders in an environment where women work for tips alone.”
He got fish mouthed at me.


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