Upcoming events and reminders

SWOP meeting today at 4. Sorry for the late notice, Charlotte has already scolded me about that.
In general SWOP meetings will be the first Sundays of the month, meeting locations tbd.

PAPA [portland adult performers’ alliance] meeting 3/29, 4pm.
In general meetings will be the THIRD Sunday of the month and also on undecided Wednesdays, for those who can’t make Sunday brunches.

Sex Workers Rights and Stigma Panel for Sexual Assault Awareness Month 4/22 4-5:30pm
Listen to a variety of workers in different areas of the industry talk about the way that stigma, lack of access to legal rights, and a placement on a variety of intersecting margins interacts with boundaries, sexual harassment, and assault; options and diverse ways to fight against stigma for the better protection and freedom of swers and everyone else!

Submissions for the zine due 5/14:
The theme for summer issue is IDENTITY and closeting: in the closet, out of the closet, anxious about being outed, the knowledge that you’re the only sex worker in the room as someone makes cracks about sex workers, &c. Have you lost something by being outed? Was being outed awesome? Dealing with identity and stigma.

Submissions for the art show also due 5/14!
Art of any medium: film, words, sculpture, paintings, sketches, comics, ducttape, welcomed and loved! We have some great artists already, PLEASE submit and share your art! ESPECIALLY desirous of art by sex workers of colour and male/nb/trans sex workers, I know the sex workers rights movement up here is a white cis ladyfest but I very much want to include other voices!

The art show is now being hosted by Pivot, for which we are eternally grateful! It will also be a partial benefit for Pivot, with some of the profit on a varying basis (depending on artist comfort level) going to Pivot.
Opening party June 4th: wine, snacks, performances, free HIV testing, and art!

There will also be a brunch somewhere around the sex workers panel in April to welcome some visiting sex workers, date tba.

Please share, submit, reblog, and come to events and meetings!


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