$pread the Love! First Thursday Art Opening and $pread Book Release Party | Facebook

$pread the Love! Portland Exhibition of Sex Worker Art, Film, and Activist History is not only a celebration of the creativity, ingenuity, talent and vitality of sex workers, featuring art and film, with a showcase of fliers and art from the past two decades of sex worker activism; $pread the Love! is also the Portland release party for the $pread book, an anthology of the best of $pread magazine, with new additions detailing the previously untold story of $pread.

$pread, an Utne award–winning magazine by and for sex workers, was independently published from 2005 to 2011. This collection features the enduring essays about sex work around the world, first-person stories that range from deeply traumatic to totally hilarious, analysis of media and culture, and fantastic original illustrations and photographs produced just for the magazine. The book also features the previously untold story of $pread and how it has built a wider audience in its posthumous years. What started as a community tool and trade magazine for the sex industry quickly emerged as the essential guide for people curious about sex work, for independent magazine enthusiasts, and for labor and civil rights activists.

Confirmed artists:

Miss Mona Superhero–
Mixed media artist Mona Superhero is at the forefront of a new wave of artists exploring duct tape as an artistic medium. Superhero promotes the use of tape by continually refining her technique, process and the visual vocabulary that has emerged through her focus on deconstructing autobiographical aspects of her life and tying them into universal experiences that we all share. She lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

Annie Rose– Annie Rose is a fat, queer sex worker and artist living and working in Brooklyn. Structuring her art practice in the same way a bitter teenage goth approaches blogging, Rose’s videos and web pieces incorporate dozens but specific references. Working with an archive of her internet life she has kept since 2004, Rose creates repetitive and disorienting snapshots: inviting viewers into her inner world, filled with her obsessions and traumas. Through this archival, repetitive, referential way of working, Rose’s work becomes an uncanny reflection of teenage net culture, presenting a Generation Y perception of sexual anxiety and nihilism. In 2015 she received her MFA in video art from the School of Visual Arts.


Nikki Levine

$pread the Love! First Thursday Art Opening and $pread Book Release Party | Facebook


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