it's since been edited to remove my stage name and add *sips tea*

it’s since been edited to remove my stage name and add *sips tea*

I didn’t really know what to do with this–despite the fact that she says “your move, Red,” the woman has me on block, and it’s only because people send me pretty much everything she says lately that I even know about this. It’s misleading, especially because she goes out of her way to avoid engaging with me directly, but again this is such nonsense I feel a responsibility to respond somehow. Especially since it directly contradicts what she said in her hysterical and fearmongering post last week.
We ARE employees right now. My lawsuit doesn’t change that. My lawsuit is predicated on the fact that, as Elle acknowledged in her post last week, the reality is clubs in Portland treat us as employees without giving us any of the benefits.

My lawsuit–and I’ll remind you that it wasn’t actually the first in Portland, there was one last year and there were two more dancer complaints made to BOLI this year, and I’m also not the sole plaintiff in my suit–is based on the fact that, since we are employees, I deserve my hundred grand that I paid out to him, back. That’s money that he has no legal right to (and yeah, the IRS DOES have a claim on some of that).

What she’s saying here doesn’t even make sense on any level: boli is finding that dancers are employees (as Paloma indicated in a message to Elle) independently of anything I’ve done.

Boli isn’t forcing clubs to treat strippers as employees, clubs are already doing that.
The only thing that I’M doing, is trying to get the money they took illegally, back.

And hold casa responsible for sexual harassment and assault.

Now, I have an art show to pull together, and eight years of documentation (including text messages, emails, blog posts, Facebook posts, medical records and employment records) that Johnny and his lawyers are asking for to try and wear me down into giving up. I don’t exactly have time to engage in a weird passive aggressive Facebook battle. I think it would be really good if Elle wanted to sit down and learn about this stuff, from me or anyone else, and I’m willing to engage on that level. She’s spreading misinformation and I’m trying to correct it.

Please feel free to email me or set up a time when we can engage like adults in person, other than that, this is the last time I’m going to respond. It’s nonsense, and I expect better of you.


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