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Where is Leighalanna’s quote about how she gets to do what she cares about bc of sex work?

What a weirdo world. People are SO HUNG UP on this idea of labour as a legitimizing force: “real” labour and “not real” labour, and among the “not real” labour you have me and my whorish ilk but then you also have the people who keep the whole god damn world RUNNING: the people feeding the masses thru fast food, agricultural workers working for change, the people pumping your gas and cleaning your shit off your toilets at your white collar job with benefits, the “real” work which handles invisible transactions like changing hands on houses you’ll never live in and kickin people out bc their “unreal” “temporary” labour doesn’t pay enough.

We have this ye olde Victorian idea that the right kind f labour is necessary for a decent life and world but increasingly—as that report Wednesday showed—there AREN’T decent jobs: the mid level jobs are being shipped over seas to ensure higher profits for the people in high level jobs. People like yon sad reddit troll are living in a dream world that Simply Doesn’t Exist anymore, and that tbh only flourished and existed for a brief time in the 20th century: the idea that work is necessary for personal value and that work brings meaning to life.

Sex work FUNDS the meaningful things in my life in a way that no other job would be able to; it allows me time and energy to do them, things I absolutely wouldn’t have even at a mid level managerial job of the kind the US is increasingly losing.

There is NOTHING unethical about this. The idea that poor people should stay in their place and be content and be poor is incredibly classist, the idea that people need to do shitty work to be considered of value (but only marginally more value than sex work, we know what jobs are valued and these aren’t the kind of jobs you get with a basic bachelors anymore, which is why I’m trying to get into grad school mad doing activist work!) —that’s just silly and unethical. We all inherently have value, people who can’t work as well as people who work shitty jobs as well as people who suck cock for cash.

I do my work, my emotional and sexual labour, and I get to buy art and books and delicious food and sleep enough and enjoy life! And if you think that’s wrong, you’re the one with the problem. And it is YOUR problem, not mine.


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The thing that killed me about magic mike, and I mean killed in a goodish way, was that scene where he tries to get a loan for his business and can’t. He has all this cash! He has product (I think it was ugly but that’s neither here nor there)! But it doesn’t fucking matter because he and his income don’t fucking exist on paper

as someone who struggled/s with the same thing: of not existing/mattering, of people questioning your right to anything, to everything, from basic things like health care to more basic things like existing, of things being harder because my paper trail is only about two years old, and I worked really really hard to make it happen, it was like a punch in the stomach, seeing my helpless frustration onscreen.

It occurs to me because I’ve been denied for two apartments before they even ran a credit check. The only thing against me at that stage is my income/source of. Okay then.

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The income/employment thing is so stressful on paper. I want to look respectable and write “waitress” but they asked for net wage and that’s ultimately way below poverty line with my hours, so I’m going with independent contractor.
I get that you don’t want to surprise rent to the indigent but what if I just give you 1200 cash and we call it a deal
I’m also having this itch to get dramatic:

IMAGINE MY INCOME. It will not exist if you do not imagine it.

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